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Americans are aging rapidly. Elder persons - as a percentage of the overall population - are increasing exponentially. This dramatic demographic change, coupled with the ever-rising costs of senior living, memory care residences and/or in-home care, is driving a tremendous demand for caregivers. The working and emotional demands upon these caregivers, whether they are in-home family or professional staff, can be overwhelming.

Sonoma Coast Trauma Treatment is committed to addressing the high rates of disease, disability and morbidity in the caregiver population. Our community-centered program of services and referrals trains, coaches, supports and encourages caregivers in ways that enhance their physical and emotional renewal, building resilience and hope.


Caregiver Coaching / Mentoring

Our program is provided by certified coaching professionals who counsel and support the caregiver’s efforts to navigate difficult, daily obstacles to providing sustained care over a long period of time.

Services may include mentoring in topics such as: family dynamics; relationships coaching/mentoring, facilitating communications and reconciliation; and working through emotional issues such as anticipatory grief and ambiguous loss.

Respite Services

Research has shown that family caregivers experience constant emotional stress and strain, which can lead to feelings of guilt, exhaustion and isolation. These feelings can lead to burnout and affect the caregiver’s health.

Services may include bodywork to mitigate accumulated stress by helping to release tension and calm not only the body, but the mind. When combined with coaching/mentoring, bodywork helps caregivers feel renewed, refreshed and better able to handle their daily burdens.

Caregiver Team Protocols and Training

Building a strong, multi-faceted care team that works in concert benefits both the caregiver and the individual being cared for.

Training may include: family dynamics and its influence on the caregiving scenario, how to establish family meetings to assist family members in pooling resources and designing a plan of care, and guidance on working as a team and sharing observations of the person cared-for.

Support Groups

Caregivers and their families deserve the highest quality support for the intense challenges they face. Support groups offered by our program are led by qualified and trained facilitators experienced in the demanding role of caregiving.

Support groups provide a safe forum for caregivers to share victories and frustrations alike, as they listen to, and learn from others who are experiencing similar situations

Facilitator Training for Support Group Leaders

Organizations seeking to provide high quality support group services for caregivers can enroll their group leaders in our training program for support group facilitators. 

Enrollees will benefit from our extensive experience and expertise with the profound emotional challenge of caregiving, while receiving tools and skills in caregiving and self-care.

On-Site Caregiving Evaluations

Our program offers on-site evaluation of caregiving situations and needs by an experienced and sensitive team of professional caregivers. Recommendations based on their evaluation can include daily plans for care and referrals to thoroughly vetted caregiving staff, as needed.

Local Resources

We have contacts and relationships with many resources available to the caregiver.

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