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Caregiver Self Assessment

Caregiver Self Assessment

Caregiving—especially for an aging loved-one—can be rewarding and meaningful. On the other hand, caregiving is almost always physically and emotionally draining. When you provide physical care and emotional support for another person, you have direct contact with their lives. How you act and feel, on a day-to-day basis, can affect those in your care in positive and negative ways. It's important to have a regular self check, or assessment. Below are some questions about your experiences, both positive and negative, as a care-giver. Consider each of the following questions about you and your current work situation. Select the number that honestly reflects how frequently you experienced these things in the last 30 days.

ProQOL was developed by Beth Hudnall Stamm, PhD, Retired Director of

ProQOL Assessment Worksheet




The goal of Sonoma Coast Trauma Treatment is assist Caregivers and Veterans, principally by providing funds, but also with advice (where appropriate) and referrals to caring, professional service providers whenever possible.


- We cannot guarantee that you will qualify for financial assistance, even if you apply.
- Once you send in your application, we may check all the information and / or ask for additional information such as proof of income.
- We will notify you if you qualify for assistance within 14 calendar days after we receive your completed application and documentation.

SCTT Application for Caregivers Funds